The Reading Framework: Course 2: Language Comprehension

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 1 modules
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This course has been designed in response to the Government’s introduction of The Reading Framework: Teaching the Foundations of Literacy and is the second in a series of videos that are intended to provide a thorough exploration of the principles behind the framework, the implications it may have for schools and teachers and offer practical strategies for anyone working with it. 

This course will build upon the concepts explored in the first course: Understanding the Importance of Reading in Teaching the Foundations of Literacy and directly address the content of Section 2 of The Reading Framework. If you have not yet completed our first course then you may wish to do so before commencing this course. 

This course is separated into four modules of learning:

Module One: The Importance of Talk
In this module, we will consider the vital role that talk plays in the development of language comprehension. We will explore the different ways in which verbal communication can be used to help a child develop their understanding of language and the ways that adults can support this to see greater progress. We will identify clear strategies that can be used within the classroom to maximise the opportunities for children to benefit from these verbal exchanges. 

Module Two: Language in the Classroom
In this module, we will look at the ways that talk and opportunities for children to interact with others can underpin the whole curriculum. We will consider the ways that a teacher might develop a child’s literacy skills whilst engaging in learning in other subjects as well as identifying strategies that may be used to maximise the opportunities for a child to verbally interact with others throughout the school day. 

Module Three: Storytimes
In this module, we will explore the role that storytime plays in developing language comprehension. We will consider the types of stories that might be best suited to this activity and identify clear strategies that a classroom teacher might use when delivering storytime to help children engage with early reading and develop their comprehension and understanding of a wide range of language. 

Module Four: Poetry, Song and Rhymes
In this module, we will examine the ways that poetry, rhyme and song can reinforce and develop language comprehension, particularly in the Early Years Foundation Stage. We will explore the factors to consider when selecting the poems, rhymes and songs to use within the classroom and identify the ways to use them in order to best support children’s language development.

Study time: 60 mins.