Functional Skills English

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These innovative Functional Skills English courses from NEC put English into real- life contexts, helping you in your understanding of the world around you and will give you the skills you need for your personal and professional lives.

By studying Functional Skills English Level 2 you will be building on your current knowledge and skills and learn to communicate with confidence, effectiveness and with an increasing level of independence.

Course content

All students will have access to the learning materials for both Level 1 and Level 2.
Below are all the sections & topics covered in Level 2.

Section 1
Section 2
Section 3

Speaking, listening and communicating

In this section learners will cover the following topics:
  • Effective spoken communications
  • Listening and questioning skills
  • Giving a talk
  • Participating in discussions


In this section learners will cover the following topics:
  • Active reading
  • Using a dictionary
  • Grammatical terms
  • What is this text for?
  • Punctuating sentences; commas
  • Why does this text look like it does?
  • Apostrophes; semi-colons, dashes and colons; punctuating dialogue
  • Comparing texts and answering test questions
  • Close reading for understanding
  • Reading for meaning
  • Understanding organisational and language features
  • Sources of reference
  • Prefixes and suffixes, Silent letters, Words with ‘e’ sounds, Tricky letters, Words with ‘s’ sounds, Words that sound the same


In this section learners will cover the following topics:
  • Planning your writing
  • Organising your writing
  • Building a sentence; using verbs correctly
  • Writing for a purpose
  • Writing precisely; choosing the right word from a pair
  • Writing emails
  • Writing letters
  • Writing articles and reports
  • Making your writing flow
  • Writing for your audience
  • Persuading and arguing