Awareness of Trauma Informed Practice KCSIE 23 UPDATED

   1 CPD points
 4 modules
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Any learning about trauma and mental health issues can be triggering. Please do take the time to look after yourself if you find any of this course difficult. You need to look after yourself effectively in order to take care of the children and young people in your school.

The purpose of this course is to build your knowledge of trauma-informed practice. In this course, you will explore a range of psychological models leading to trauma-informed practice and the latest research. You will then see how this approach can be implemented in school.

The course is separated into three modules of learning:

Module One: Trauma
In this module, we will be looking at what trauma is, where trauma-informed practice originated and the latest research to support ongoing development in this area.

Module Two: The Neuroscience of Trauma
In this module, we will be exploring what trauma does to the brain and how that might affect the behaviour of children and young people in your school.

Module Three: Trauma-informed Practice
In this module, we will be looking in more detail at trauma-informed practice.

Module Four: Further Development of a Trauma-informed Approach
Now you have an understanding of trauma, trauma-informed practice and how you might begin to implement this in school. Module 4 looks at further development to provide a holistic trauma-informed approach across all aspects of the school.

Study time: 60 mins.