Activities to Get Learning Off to a Great Start

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 2 modules
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This course is intended to provide educators with responsibility for planning and delivering lessons or tuition sessions, with the opportunity to reflect on why the first part of any lesson or tuition is important, alongside sharing some quick and simple learning activities that could be used to support an excellent start to learning.

The course is separated into two modules of learning:

Module One
In this module, we’ll consider four key questions to explore what happens at the start of lessons and why this part of your teaching is so important. We’ll start with considering what the start of a great lesson looks like, followed by reviewing why the start of learning matters to both you and your pupils. This will be followed by an assessment of the differences between a starter activity and a routine. The final part of this module will involve considering how learning objectives and outcomes fit into the start of the lesson or tuition.

Module Two
In this module, you will learn about a range of techniques that can be used as starters to get learning off to a fantastic start.

Study time: 45 mins