The Teacher Trainer Toolkit: Becoming a Teacher Trainer

  1 CPD points
 5 modules
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This course is separated into five modules of learning:

Module One: Definition of Professional Development
In this module, we explore what the purposes and principles of professional development are in schools.

Module Two: Reflective Practice in Schools
In this module, we consider what reflective practice is and why it is important for teachers to reflect on what they are doing. We also consider what teachers should do to improve their practice continuously and where they can go to find resources and seek support. 

Module Three: The Definition of a Trainer
In this module, we unpack what it means to be a trainer and reflect on some of the different characteristics trainers may have. We also consider the main differences between being a teacher and being a trainer. 

Module Four: The Training Audience 
In this module, we look at who the training audience are and consider their needs in the context of the training session. We also reflect on professional and personal interference and how this can have an impact on the training session. Finally, we look at motivation and consider some useful principles to help us encourage our trainees to engage effectively. 

Module Five: Reflecting on Your Training Practice
In this final module, we engage in a process of reflective practice. We consider why it is important for trainers to engage in reflective practice. Additionally, we look at some tools that can be used to support the reflective process. Finally, we consider negative feedback and how observations can be a valuable tool for reflection. 

Study time: 90 mins