The Reading Framework: Course 1: Foundations of Literacy

   1 CPD points
 4 modules
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This e-learning course explores the importance of early reading and the ways in which the teaching of it might build solid and secure foundations for literacy and the wider education of the children that we teach. This course has been designed in response to the government’s introduction of The Reading Framework: Teaching the Foundations of Literacy and is the first in a series of videos that are intended to provide a thorough exploration of the principles behind the framework, the implications it may have for schools and teachers, and offer practical strategies for anyone working with it.

This course is separated into three modules of learning:

Module One: Reading as the Foundations of Literacy
In this module, we will explore the ways in which early reading offers children the perfect way to build solid and secure foundations for their learning journey. We will consider the ways in which it allows them to access the full curriculum and how it offers the basis for all aspects of literacy. We will identify some of the many ways in which children encounter reading for the first time, and how and why making these experiences positive is so vital.

Module Two: Importance and Impact
In this module, we will learn about the impact that reading can have on children’s wider education. We will consider some of the ways in which reading skills impact achievement and how this contributes to the achievement gap for different demographics. Additionally, we will consider a number of barriers to reading that children might encounter and look at an overview of the ways in which the Reading Framework endeavours to overcome them.

Module Three: Approaches to Reading
In this module, we will look at the developmental process of learning to read and discuss some of the varied approaches to reading that you and the children you work with may have encountered. We will consider the ways in which early reading has previously been covered in primary schools and identify the key changes the Reading Framework is looking to introduce in regard to these approaches.

Module Four: Understanding the Framework
In this module, we will provide an overview of the government’s new Reading Framework and offer considerations of its implications. We will highlight its aims and objectives and look at the rationale behind its introduction. You will be given guidance on the ways in which you might look to consider how the framework might impact your own teaching and some of the changes that you may need to implement within your school. 

Study time: 60 mins.