Staff Awareness of Fire Safety in Education

   1 CPD points
 4 modules
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This course has been written to introduce this topic so that employers and employees who work in an educational setting can understand what the risks are, what preventative measures can be implemented and what the law regarding Fire Safety requires. This will help with the implementation and strengthening of existing fire safety strategies. 
This course is separated into three modules of learning:

Module One: Introduction to Fire Safety
This module takes a closer look at some basic concepts about fire and how to use this knowledge to take key considerations on board when confronted with the situation of a fire in the workplace. 

Module Two: Getting a Risk Assessment Started
This module explores how to start a fire risk assessment to cover fire prevention and protection through the use of sample scenarios and provides 12 key considerations when conducting a risk assessment. 

Module Three: Fire Extinguishers
In this module, we will look at the different classes of fire along with the five key types of fire extinguishers that are available and those classes of fires to which they are best suited to extinguish. 

Module Four: Establishing and Maintaining a Fire Safety Plan
This final module explores some critical areas necessary for creating a plan for fire safety: Emergency routes and exits, building classifications, door openings, travel distances, fire assembly points & disabled refuges. This module will also provide a best practice checklist for maintaining a fire-safe establishment. 

Study time: 60 mins.