Solutions for a
Sustainable Future

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As part of Connex Academy's commitment to combat Climate Change this series of webinars are designed to equip you with knowledge to answer your students questions around Sustainability and Climate change.

In this webinar we will:
 • Highlight current technologies and innovations aimed at mitigating climate change.
• Discuss the role of renewable energy sources, carbon capture technologies, and sustainable practices in reducing environmental impact.
• Explore educational tools and initiatives that promote awareness and empower individuals and communities to contribute to reversing climate change.
To guide us on this journey, we are honoured to have with us Doctor Rhys Tancock-Jones, Rhys, is a Geneticist and Chartered Biologist and not only an expert in his field, Doctor Rhys is also driven by a strong desire to educate others about scientific issues with a substantial impact on their daily lives.
Devoted to working with educators internationally, Doctor Rhys focuses on establishing a fundamental understanding of climate change with educators.