Reflective Safeguarding Practice in Schools KCSIE23 Updated

   1 CPD points
 3 modules
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Trigger Warning

The content within this course deals with sensitive and, on occasion, difficult topics around safeguarding and, as a result, may cause you to trigger some feelings or emotions that are upsetting. Due to the nature of safeguarding training, these topics need to be discussed. There may be lists or examples given of categories of early childhood trauma, including sexual and physical violence and neglect. Please feel free to leave the course if a particular subject triggers you and seek help and support when necessary.

This course is separated into three modules of learning:

Module One: Reflective Safeguarding Practice Defined
In this module, we will be looking at what safeguarding supervision is, what reflective safeguarding practice is and why we should use it in school. The overall purpose of using Reflective Safeguarding Practice or supervision is to improve the lives of vulnerable children and young people while supporting those who are carrying out safeguarding.

Module Two: Safeguarding Reflective Practice & Safeguarding Culture in Schools
This module will cover safeguarding culture, the school context, school relationships, establishing reflective safeguarding principles, and principles underpinning reflective safeguarding practice.

Module Three: Implementing Reflective Safeguarding Practice in School
In this module, we will have a look at the practicalities of implementing reflective safeguarding practice in school depending on your model, the where and when of carrying out reflecting safeguarding practice and embedding safeguarding practice in your day-to-day schedule.

Study time: 60 mins.