Primary Maths - Let's Go On a Learning Walk

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In this webinar, Dr Alison Borthwick(opens in a new tab) - International Education & Mathematics Adviser, will share take us on a learning walk focusing on Primary Maths education. A learning walk in primary math education is an observational strategy where educators, administrators, or peers visit classrooms to observe and assess the teaching and learning process in mathematics.
During these structured walks, participants focus on specific aspects such as instructional methods, student engagement, and the use of math manipulatives. The goal is to gain insights into teaching practices, identify areas of improvement, and share best practices among educators. Learning walks promote professional development, collaboration, and the continuous improvement of math instruction, ultimately enhancing the quality of primary math education to benefit students' understanding and performance in mathematics.
This webinar is suitable for Maths teachers, leaders, tutors, early careers, homeschooling parents or long-term magicians: KS1 and KS2 maths.
Alison Borthwick is our expert presenter. She is a mathematics adviser, lecturer, researcher, qualified teacher, author and learner. Her career has spanned primary, secondary, HEI and advisory roles. She is chair of the primary ATM and MA group, a member of the primary contact group for ACME, and a member of the Early Childhood Mathematics Group. She is also a STEM ambassador and a governor.
Alison has written several books and articles, including her most recent publications: The Trainer Toolkit (2020) and Reasons to Reason across Primary Maths and Science (2018). She also writes for UK and international journals, and has presented papers around the world.

Study time: 45 mins.