Primary Maths - Exploring Coloured Rods

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Extensive global research underscores the effectiveness of utilising manipulatives, especially in primary mathematics education, to enhance children's comprehension of number sense. These manipulatives empower students to grasp the intricacies of numbers and their interrelationships.

In this webinar, we explore the use of Colour Rods, also known as Cuisenaire rods, as an invaluable classroom resource. Used for teaching a variety of mathematical concepts, particularly in early education. These rods are typically made of wood or plastic and come in different colours and lengths. Each colour represents a different numeric value, and they are used to visually represent and explore mathematical ideas.

Alison Borthwick is our expert presenter. She is a mathematics adviser, lecturer, researcher, qualified teacher, author and learner. Her career has spanned primary, secondary, HEI and advisory roles. She is chair of the primary ATM and MA group, a member of the primary contact group for ACME, and a member of the Early Childhood Mathematics Group. She is also a STEM ambassador and a governor.

Alison has written several books and articles, including her most recent publications: The Trainer Toolkit (2020) and Reasons to Reason across Primary Maths and Science (2018). She also writes for UK and international journals and has presented papers around the world.

Study time: 45 mins.