Primary English: Promoting Reading for Pleasure

   1 CPD points
 3 modules
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This course is separated into three modules of learning:

Module One: The Importance of Reading
We will explore what we mean by the term ‘reading for pleasure’. We will explore the reasons why it is important that we invest time in helping our learners to develop a love of reading, both in terms of the benefits in our classrooms, but also beyond school, in their personal lives, but also for their future professional lives.  

Module Two: Building a Reading Culture in School
In this module, we will focus on the classroom as a logical place to start when it comes to promoting reading. We will consider various reading models and strategies to develop a passion for reading for pleasure and the importance of the teacher as a role model.

Module Three: Building a Reading Culture Outside of School
In this module, we will consider ways to promote a reading culture outside of school. Primarily, this hinges on parental (or carer) engagement in reading, and approaches needed to encourage engagement of parents and carers. We also consider the barriers that they face so that we can plan accordingly.

Study time: 60 mins