Level 2 Award in Food Safety and Hygiene

   3 CPD points
 6 modules
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All food handlers are required to have a minimum of a Level 2 Award in Food Safety (or equivalent). This course is an accredited level 2 course which will satisfy this requirement for food handlers.

This course is separated into six modules of learning:

Module One: Introduction to Food Law, Safety and Hygiene
Module one provides an overall introduction to food safety and key definitions. In this section, you will learn about the legal requirements and the legislation in place which guides the safe preparation, cooking, processing, and storage of food to minimise the risk of foodborne illness. We will also discuss the consequences of non-compliance with food law. Visit the following section to work through a number of key definitions for Food Safety which we will use in this course.

Module Two: Microbiological, Physical, Chemical and Allergenic Hazards
Module two covers the hazards of food contamination and cross-contamination, the causes and symptoms of food-borne illnesses, including allergens and intolerances, and it discusses cross-contamination, high-risk and low-risk foods.

Module Three: Safe Food Storage & Preparation
Module three details a safe approach to establishing supplier relationships and delivery procedures which facilitate a safe and compliant food service environment. It will also cover food storage, including stock handling and rotation to mitigate risks of contamination and bacteria growth and delivers instruction on how to safely prep, cook, cool and reheat food in order to mitigate the risk of contamination via bacteria growth and foodborne illness.

Module Four: Food Handler Hygiene & Premises Cleaning
Module four provides a process to integrate safe practices for personal hygiene for food handlers along with important government guidance for food businesses in dealing with Covid-19. This module also provides safe cleaning procedures and best practices, including an awareness of pests and food-safe pest control procedures for the food premises, which help to ensure a healthy food-service environment free of cross-contamination.

Module Five: Food Premises & Equipment Suitability and Layout
Module five discusses the legal responsibilities of the food operator and the cleaning responsibilities of the food handler, along with the ideal food service environment and the necessary equipment to process and service food safely, including the kitchen and storage facilities. This module will also cover how to store and dispose of waste in a food service facility.

Module Six: Due Diligence – Developing a Plan for Food Safety & Hygiene Compliance
Module six discusses how to create and follow a “Due Diligence” plan following a Food Safety Management System for ensuring food safety compliance and includes the seven principles of HACCP.

Study time: 120 mins.