How to Tutor Online

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 4 modules
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This course is separated into four modules of learning:

Module One: Getting Started
In this module, we will provide an overview of what the role of an online tutor entails. We will consider the many benefits there are to working with learners remotely and what a tutor can expect from working in this way. We will establish what is required from a tutor in order for them to begin working with learners online. Also, we will look at the different routes to becoming an online tutor and explore the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Module Two: Online Platforms
In this module, we will establish what technical requirements a tutor will need in order to deliver sessions to learners remotely. We will explore the different online platforms available to tutors and evaluate the functionality of each. We will also explore the platform used by our sister company, Connex Education, in order to better understand the potential uses of some of the online features.

Module Three: Engaging With Students
In this module, we will consider the ways in which a tutor can build an effective working relationship with their learners when working remotely. We will consider strategies for managing learners’ behaviour effectively whilst working remotely, including methods for maintaining engagement and motivation. We will also identify ways in which tutors should work with other stakeholders as part of this process.

Module Four: Tutoring Strategies
In this module, we will consider the different ways in which a tutor can work with their learners online. We will explore what an effective session should contain and ways in which tutors can ensure that they achieve this. We will consider the range of different activities a tutor might use when working with their learners and identify ways to maximise their impact within the virtual classroom.

Study time: 60 mins