How to Engage Learners in Science

   1 CPD points
 5 modules
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This course is separated into five modules of learning:

Module One: Hooking Your Learners

This module covers how you can captivate your learners by creating a sense of awe and wonder and build on this to motivate the learners. This module explains the key principles that underpin the strategies used to encourage active learner engagement and examines how to get the lesson off to a flying start.  

Module Two: Keep it Real
In this module, we will explore opportunities to enhance and extend the impact and validity of the science being studied. This will build on Module One, deepening engagement in the topic under study by making explicit links with real-world phenomena and situations.

Module Three: Making the Most of Practical Work
Module three explores how to structure and present practical experiences so that learners are given the opportunity to improve their handling of materials and apparatus, as well as their interpersonal, organisational and investigation skills.

Module Four: Problems? Bring Them On!
In this module, we will explore how problem-solving skills can be developed and form an integral part of each lesson, including the ‘Pose-Pause-Pounce-Bounce’ (PPPB) approach along with modelling.

Module Five: Review and Where To Next?
Module five considers the importance of progress checks, time for metacognition and next steps is explored.

Study time: 60 mins.