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  • Authors: Dr. Elke Paul & Tamara Lechner
  • Level: Foundational
  • Bonus Material: 
    7 Playbooks
  • Video time: 3.5 hours
  • Pulse check & knowledge checks
  • 17 Spark Activities
Course overview
Foundational mental wellbeing science for schools.
Recommended for anyone in the role of Senior Mental Health Lead or Director of Wellbeing

This Positive Classroom Partnership course is a collaboration between CreatePositive and Connex Education Academy
Certification included
Successful completion includes a Level One Certificate
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This course invites you to explore and learn to foster: 

Wellbeing Literacy

  • Explore what wellbeing is – and what it is not
  • Understand interdependencies of educator and pupil wellbeing
  • Recognize the original wellbeing framework- PERMA
  • Develop wellbeing awareness to drive conscious actions
  • Promote learned optimism – avoid toxic positivity  
  • Identify individual best strategies to form good wellbeing habits

Positive Relationships

  • Understand humanity’s link between relationships and happiness
  • Choose how to relate, because, in schools, you cannot always choose who to relate to
  • Build trust and psychological safety
  • Communicate to hear and be heard
  • Navigate conflict constructively: boundaries, biases, and apologies 

Emotional Intelligence

  • Recognize emotions: notice and name using embodiment, labels, and granularity
  • Regulate emotions: navigate using distance, visualization, and acceptance
  • Savour positive emotions and overcome the negativity bias
  • Interpret and acknowledge others’ emotions
  • Demonstrate empathy and compassion 

Meaning & Mattering

  • Get to know your mind as a meaning-making machine
  • Adapt attitudes and actions for cohesion with your values – reframe the situation
  • Discover and share meaning through storytelling
  • Matter by taking your personal “why am I here?” and applying it to the greater good
  • Practice living more intentionally -a life of purpose on purpose


  • Reflect on how physical and mental health impact each other
  • Understand types of stress and the stress-regeneration cycle
  • Explore personal energy management tools and techniques
  • Increase your energy
  • Promote calm and relaxation – overcome anxiety

Creativity & Engagement

  • Focus attention – use necessity, novelty or interest 
  • Recognize serendipity – invest in idleness and daydreaming 
  • Build a culture of inquiry and risk-taking 
  • Generate ideas and leverage sparring partners
  • Judge the merit of ideas
  • Realize an idea – assess feasibility and bring it into existence

Agency & Accomplishment

  • Encourage individuality and autonomy – balance challenge and competence 
  • Teach neuroplasticity and develop a growth mindset – embrace mistakes 
  • Recognize and apply character strengths 
  • Set meaningful goals in achievable stages – manage expectations 
  • Foster courage and confidence to start – master procrastination 
  • Focus and persist to finish – banish distractions, overcome hurdles   

Introducing your instructors... 

Dr. Elke Paul

Dr. Elke Paul, is co-founder of  CreatePositive, a professional learning ecosystem to advance mental wellbeing and human skills. She is an international education and mental wellbeing consultant, content developer, facilitator, and speaker.
She is passionate about Wellbeing Transformation Programs and has experienced them turn schools into empowered flourishing organisations. She believes wellbeing education needs to sit at the core of any school education alongside academic knowledge development. Dedicated leadership and staff up skilling and community participation are crucial levers for success. As a board member of the Spirituality and Meaning Division at the International Positive Psychology Association she is convinced, the art of slowing down, mindfulness, and developing a healthy relationship with oneself are additional drivers for a positive change in schools.
Given current global challenges, and with teachers and students specifically, wellbeing education needs to get to schools directly and more professionally. Through CreatePositive Elke has been able to support and empower other educators with strategies, tools and knowledge to enable them to bring about whole-school wellbeing change within their school communities.
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Tamara Lechner

Tamara’s commitment to improving proactive wellbeing on a global scale and has led to her involvement with world leaders in contextual wellbeing measurement, Positive Psychology and Education. In addition to being one of three female founders of the global EdTech group CreatePositive, she co-hosts the Flourishing at School podcast and manages school wellbeing measurement clients for Flourish Dx. Tamara also sits on the Education Futures team for the Harvard Programme for Human Flourishing. As one of Deepak Chopra's staff writers she enjoys writing, speaking, and teaching about proactive science-based wellness, including mindfulness and resilience. Her book,  The Happiness Reset: What to do When Nothing Makes You Happy ,  pairs each day of the week with an evidence-based positive psychology intervention, which is a fancy way of saying a happiness habit. Her deep belief is that happiness happens by choice, not by chance 
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