Essentials of Pupil
Support Mentoring 

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Pupil Support Mentors are highly skilled professionals, experienced in supporting children and young people with a diverse range of pastoral and Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs. Through their mentoring sessions, Pupil Support Mentors offer bespoke interventions to children and young people, targeted to their individual needs and circumstances. This includes developing coping strategies, building self-confidence, working on making good decisions and coaching aimed at reintegration into an appropriate setting.

This course focuses on the essential elements of the role of a Pupil Support Mentor. It will aid the preparation of colleagues new to the role and provide valuable insights into how to be an excellent Pupil Support Mentor.

This Essentials of Pupil Support Mentoring course covers the following areas:
• What is pupil support mentoring?
• Processes and administration
• Aims and Objectives of Pupil Support Mentoring
• Tools and Resources for Facilitating Pupil Support Mentoring
• Assessment and Impact