Essentials of Tutoring:

   1 CPD points
  4 modules
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The aim of this course is to provide tutors with the essential knowledge and understanding required in order to deliver effective tutoring sessions to students. This session will provide anyone who is looking to become a tutor – whether a qualified teacher or not – with an overview of what is required in order to work with young people and provide successful tutoring sessions. By the end of this session, you will have a clear understanding of ways to: ensure professionalism when tutoring; build effective relationships with students that boost confidence and motivation in addition to supporting their academic progress; secure your subject knowledge and pedagogy; and deliver successful sessions. 

This course is separated into four modules of learning:

Module One: Professional Practise
In this module, we will explore the professional responsibilities a tutor must fulfil. We will consider the importance of first impressions – both with the young people you are working with and the other adults invested in the tutoring sessions – and identify ways to make a positive impact. We will highlight issues relating to the safeguarding and welfare of students and identify processes to ensure that any concerns are addressed correctly, as well as consider ways to protect yourself when working with young people. 

Module Two: Working with Students
In this module, we will explore a number of different strategies for working with students. We will examine the different dynamics that may exist when working with groups or one-to-one with students. We will highlight the importance of establishing a working relationship with the students and identify methods for building a rapport with them. We will also consider behaviour management strategies for ensuring students engage with the sessions and develop motivation and determination. 

Module Three: Subject Knowledge and Pedagogy
In this module, we will highlight the difference between subject knowledge and pedagogy. We will identify the key aspects of a subject that tutors should be aware of before they begin delivering sessions to students, and also provide guidance on how tutors may begin to reflect upon and develop their existing knowledge. Additionally, we will highlight the importance of ensuring that tutors remain aware of changes and developments in the educational landscape and respond to these in their professional practise. 

Module Four: Successful Sessions
In this module, we will look at the nature of tutoring sessions themselves. We will identify ways in which you can plan and prepare resources, consider possible methods for structuring the time you spend with students, and highlight the importance of flexibility. Additionally, we will consider strategies for formative assessment and look at how this information can be used to inform future sessions. 

Study time: 120 mins