Educators 7 Habits of Success: Keeping Your Tank Full

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 3 modules
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This course is part of a series that focuses on the Seven Habits of Being Successful. Our presenter Helen Morgan looks at these from a school perspective, and in this course, she focuses in on one of the habits of Keeping Your Tank Full.

This course is separated into three modules of learning:

Module One: Focusing on Your Own Well-being and Development
Focusing on Your Own Well-being and Development. Our presenter Helen Morgan focuses on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and unpacks these. She shares the importance of being proactive, taking control, and taking responsibility alongside actual action. 

Module Two: Strategies for Keeping Your Tank Full
Strategies for Keeping Your Tank Full. Helen focuses on strategies, and to keep your tank full, she explores switching off from your mobile phone and emails. She explores strategies and policies around emails outside of work or how you can manage this yourself if there isn't a policy in place.

Module Three: Actions to Keep Your Tank Full
Actions to Keep Your Tank Full. Helen looks at social connectedness and how it really matters. How finding moments over the kettle are key to self-care and personal well-being.

Study time: 30 mins.