Awareness of Substance Abuse Risks for Schools KCSIE 23 UPDATED

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 4 modules
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This course is separated into four modules of learning:

Module One: Substance Abuse and Child Abuse
In this module, we will be looking at what substance abuse is, how parental substance abuse is linked to child abuse, and what our responsibilities are in school.

Module Two: Substance Abuse by Children and Young People
In this module, we will be looking at the abuse of substances by children and young people.

Module Three: Supporting Children with Substance Abuse in Their Families
In this module, we will have a look at strategies to support children who come from families where there is substance abuse. Most importantly, how we, as adults, can make sure that the hurt that is experienced by being the victim of this type of abuse does not become a lifelong trauma.

Module Four: Supporting Children Who are Abusing Substances
In this module, we will look further at what might cause children and young people to abuse substances and what we might do to support them to change their behaviours.

Study time: 60 mins