Awareness of Mental Health

   1 CPD points
 6 modules
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This course is separated into six modules of learning:

Module One: Introduction to Mental Health
In this module, you will learn what mental health is, how it develops across the lifespan, risk factors for poor mental health, and a model for understanding mental health and mental health legislation.

Module Two: Stress
In this module, you will learn what stress is, why we experience it and some strategies for managing it.

Module Three: Anxiety and Worry
In this module, you will learn what the symptoms and types of anxiety are and a common anxiety intervention. 

Module Four: Difficulties with Mood / “Affect”
Next, we are going to consider mood or, as it is sometimes called by mental health practitioners, affect. In this module, you will learn about different types of difficulties with effect and how they are commonly understood by mental health professionals.

Module Five: Other Mental Health Problems
In this module, you will learn about other mental health problems and some conditions that are often confused with mental health problems. We will cover psychosis, trauma and neuro conditions.

Module Six: Well-being Toolkit
In our final module, we are going to examine a well-being toolkit. We will discuss the importance of mental well-being for all and some strategies to support your own mental well-being.

Study Time: 90 mins.