Awareness of Manual Handling

   1 CPD points
 6 modules
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This course is separated into five modules of learning:

Module One: Manual Handling Definition and Legislation
This first module covers what manual handling is and how it might apply to your specific daily duties. It will also communicate the underlying legislation and its purpose in ensuring proper manual handling practices in the workplace.

Module Two: Injuries Caused by Incorrect Manual Handling
This module will help learners to remain safe by identifying the types of injuries caused by incorrect manual handling procedures and will present methods to incorporate during daily handling duties, which help to avoid these unnecessary injuries and incidents.

Module Three: Risk Assessments and Reporting Procedures
This module will provide a simple approach to carrying out a practical risk assessment and will enable learners to explain why accidents must be reported, who should report them, and why accidents require an investigation.

Module Four: Risk Factors in the Workplace
Module four will allow learners to identify specific and common risks involved with manual handling by examining the load and environment in which the lifting is to take place.

Module Five: Lifting & Moving Best Practice
This module explains the proper procedures to be carried out when lifting or moving loads and how to avoid unnecessary injury and incidents.

Study time: 90 mins.