Awareness of Effective Exam Invigilation Jan24

   1 CPD points
  4 modules
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This course has been developed and updated to ensure that all the JCQ Instructions for Conducting Examinations Checklist requirements are covered. 

This course is separated into four modules of learning:

Module One: Invigilator Role and Responsibilities
This module covers the roles and responsibilities of the invigilator, including the qualities, required abilities and responsibilities, providing access arrangements and adjustments for exam candidates across a number of scenarios.

Module Two: Preparing for the Examination
Module Two will cover all of the essentials of properly preparing for exam invigilation, including the examination room, communication of starting times and timetables.

Module Three: Starting the Examination Properly
In Module Three, we will discuss the elements of starting an examination correctly, including identifying candidates, handling question papers, stationery, materials and other equipment for the exam.

Module Four: Conducting, Overseeing and Ending the Examination Properly
The final module of this Exam Invigilation e-learning course will discuss the procedures for overseeing an examination for successful invigilation, including supervising the candidates, completing the attendance register, collecting scripts and tying up all loose ends to properly complete the examination process and invigilation.

Study time: 60 mins