Awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation KCSIE 23 UPDATED

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 3 modules
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Trigger Warning

The content within this course deals with sensitive and on occasion difficult topics around safeguarding and as a result may cause you to trigger some feelings or emotions that are upsetting. Due to the nature of safeguarding training these topics need to be discussed. There may be lists or examples given of categories of early childhood trauma, including sexual and physical violence and neglect. Please feel free to leave the course if a particular subject triggers you and seek help and support when necessary.

This CPD-accredited course is aimed at those who work not only within the four statutory agencies (health, education, social service and the police) but at all those who come into contact with the general public; and in particularly children and young people.

CSE is a form of child sexual abuse and this training will develop your understanding of who is most vulnerable, how it might be recognised, the impact of CSE on children both immediately and in the long term, and how you should respond and help children and young people who are the victims of CSE.

This learning tool will also signpost you to help and useful resources.

This course is separated into three modules of learning:

Module One: Defining Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
Module one covers the meaning of the definition of CSE and an understanding of the children and young people who may be affected or vulnerable to exploitation. It will also look at what makes a child or young person vulnerable to CSE and how to identify signs of CSE in children and young people and what can make them vulnerable to exploitation.

Module Two: The Difference Between 'Grooming' and 'Exploitation'

Module Two discusses the difference between these two categories of CSE, which will better equip learners to identify possible signs of grooming and/or exploitation, including online grooming. The module will cover the different models and types of grooming as they relate to signs of CSE. It will also take a look at the impact of CSE on children, young people and their families. 

Module Three: Responding to Concerns, Seeking Advice & Making Referrals
Module three will provide resources and information to allow learners to know what to do in the event of a disclosure and where to go to seek advice and how to make a referral. It will allow learners to familiarise themselves with the guidance available to support any decision-making. 

Study time: 60 mins.