Awareness of Child Criminal Exploitation inc Drug and County Lines KCSIE 23 UPDATED

   1 CPD points
 5 modules
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Trigger Warning

The content within this course deals with sensitive and on occasion difficult topics around safeguarding and as a result may cause you to trigger some feelings or emotions that are upsetting. Due to the nature of safeguarding training these topics need to be discussed. There may be lists or examples given of categories of early childhood trauma, including sexual and physical violence and neglect. Please feel free to leave the course if a particular subject triggers you and seek help and support when necessary. 

This course is separated into five modules of learning:

Module One: Introduction to CCE
Module One introduces us to the term and concept of Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) and those agencies which are involved in dealing with CCE when it is discovered. This module will also discuss a Serious Case Review (SCR) and its importance.

Module Two: Important Vocabulary for Understanding CCE
In this module, we will focus on the classroom as a logical place to start when it comes to promoting reading. We will consider various reading models and strategies to develop a passion for reading for pleasure and the importance of the teacher as a role model.

Module Three: How CCE Takes Place
Module Three covers those elements of society which carry out much of child criminal exploitation. It also discusses situations which breed vulnerability to CCE and how it can be carried out.

Module Four: Identifying Children at Greatest Risk and the Signs of CCE
Module Four examines those children who might be at the greatest risk of criminal exploitation, along with some common signs to help staff recognise the signs that CCE might be taking place.

Module Five: Support and Resources for CCE
In this final module, we will give an overview of the support that is available to victims of CCE and will signpost to important resources for risk assessment and awareness of child criminal exploitation.

Study Time: 60 mins.