Adapting Previously Prepared Tutoring Sessions

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 4 modules
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The aim of this module is to provide anyone working as a teacher or a tutor with guidance and advice on how to adapt sessions and resources that have been previously planned and delivered for new students. During this session, we will consider the features of an effective learning experience and the ways in which we aim to provide these for our students. We will also identify strategies for reflecting upon the sessions we have previously planned and delivered and evaluate their effectiveness prior to revisiting them. We will discuss the factors that we need to understand about the students or sessions we plan to adapt our resources for and the ways in which we can utilise different resources or activities. 

This course is separated into four modules of learning:

Module One: What Makes an Effective Learning Experience?
In this module, we will consider the key features of what may constitute an effective learning experience. We will review the aims and responsibilities of a teacher or tutor regarding delivering sessions. Additionally, we will contemplate what students may expect or want for their learning experiences. From this, we will establish an understanding of what we may need to adapt or amend when reviewing previously planned and delivered sessions. 

Module Two: How to Evaluate and Reflect Upon Previously Planned Sessions
In this module, we will discuss the importance of reflection and evaluation when teaching or tutoring. We will identify when and how a teacher or tutor should reflect upon the effectiveness of their sessions. We will establish ways in which a teacher or tutor can evaluate the impact of the sessions they have planned and the resources they have prepared. We will also highlight the ways in which this feedback might provide the starting point for any adaptations. 

Module Three: Determining Factors for Necessary Adaptations
In this module, we will discuss the factors that any teacher or tutor should aim to understand about the sessions and students they are preparing to teach. We will highlight the ways in which these factors should underpin any adaptations or amendments to previously planned sessions or resources. Additionally, we will consider the importance of teachers and tutors maintaining up-to-date knowledge of their subject and professional practices relating to pedagogy. 

Module Four: Resources or Activities You Can Use for Delivering Sessions
In this module, we will look at the variety of different resources or activities a teacher or tutor may utilise when delivering their sessions. We will look at the ways in which teachers and tutors are able to adapt their resources to be used as part of different activities. We will also consider the ways in which sessions that may have been planned for use with students face-to-face can be adapted for use online as part of remote learning. 

Study time: 60 mins